One Year Anniversary!


Yesterday marks one year since starting my blog!

When I first started blogging, I was in a really rough spot mentally. The pandemic was really wearing on me, I had just lost my grandma, there was a lot of drama with my family and my friends and it. was. exhausting. I felt like I didn’t have joy anymore. It sounds dramatic, but truly I was struggling.

I listened to this podcast talking about adults having fun and it just kind of hit me that I wasn’t doing anything that was fun to me. Now I love my kids and we have great time doing family things together, but I was doing nothing for me on a regular basis. Just me. I thought about hobbies and such, but as a mom with young kids you don’t really have the time, especially any that you get to do regularly. It’s just not the season we are in. One day we will have extra time, but it isn’t now for me. So I started thinking about what would be fun to me that was realistic in my season.

The truth is I’ve always wanted to blog, but never had the guts. I love social media. I love connecting with people, and as a stay at home mom it feels like a window to the outside world while you’re home cleaning house and wrangling a bunch of kids. There are SO many people on instagram. Why in the world would I want to be part of it, especially with so much negativity brewing? Honestly, the Lord kept pushing me. I can’t explain it, but when he presents things to you multiple times and is like do this, you kind of get the memo. So I swallowed my fear of looking ridiculous and did it. I set a date, told my people, and got started.

And I found fun. I found joy. I found something that made me feel like a person not just a mom, even though I talk about mom life all the time. I got to create a space of light where I was able to block out the hard things of the real world and just have some fun.

This little hobby has truly been a light in my days over the last year, and from the bottom of my heart thank you for being part. Thank you for showing up and talking with me and supporting me. Not only has being here brought me joy, but also a little extra income for my family and I want to thank you for that also!

I cannot see what year 2 brings!

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