January Books

Fun Fact! I did NOT make it a New Year Resolution to read more. It just kind of happened naturally. I tend to read more when my husband is out of town and apparently, the world is traveling again in 2022. I won’t lie, I’m definitely more of a rom-com book lover. I don’t like a ton of deep books, mainly because I’ve got enough going on in my life currently and just can’t deal with much more emotionally. Kind of why I haven’t ever started “This is Us.” Sometimes you just have to be aware of how much emotional capactiy you have.

ANYWAYS, I’m much more of a fun book reader. Think beach reads that end HAPPY.

I do read some nonfiction, but I usually listen to it on audible. I just struggle to sit still and focused on something I’m supposed to be learning. Not sure how I have two bachelor’s degrees. HA!

So here are my January reads in order of my favorites!

  1. November 9: This was my very first Colleen Hoover book and I have to say that I LOVED IT. It’s the perfect light hearted read, granted there are some really hard topics in here, but it doesn’t go too deep. I would say it’s rated R, but I mean we are women so it’s not like anything crazy. The book is about two youngsters that meet before they leave for college and the journey of their relationship while meeting up only one day out of the year, you guessed it November 9th. Lots of plot twists towards the end. I honestly read this in like a little over 2 days. You won’t want to put it down.
  1. The Great Alone: This was a book I don’t think I would have normally chosen because it’s not a rom com AT ALL, but it’s such a great read about a young girl’s life as she moves with her family to Alaska. They learn to homestead, which is super interesting to me right now, and essentially learn to survive in Alaska. There is a little bit of a love story although it’s mostly about the main character becoming strong, independent, and seeing where her priorities lie. It ends happy, although you will for sure cry. Kristin Hannah is an amazing author. You’ll really love it.
  1. The Guest List: Mystery read! This one kept me on my toes for sure, and I definitely did not guess the ending until maybe half way. It’s about a wedding that takes place on a very deserted island of Ireland. Someone ends up dead, and obviously because there is only one destination spot on the island, the guests are in question. Great writing, not too scary, and some serious plot twists. It was a easy read!
  1. 28 Summers: This book is similar to November 9 where they only meet once a year, but to me this one was more sad more sad. I really loved the love story between the two characters, but after reading it I felt like the love was really one sided and my heart broke for that person in more ways than one. I love the author so definitely love her writing, but it didn’t end in a bow and I don’t love those.
  1. The Return: Honestly haven’t been super impressed with the last few Nicholas Sparks books I’ve read. I honestly will read the very end to make sure both main characters are still alive before I ever start reading because it’s super hard for me to deal with when he kills them off. Anyways, this book is about the love story between two characters that have a pretty serious cloud over them. It ends well, and there’s another story line that is fun to read, but definitely not my favorite one. I would have prefered more focus on the love story and less on the other story line. That’s just me because I’m here for love story.

Books I’m starting with this month are: “Redeeming Love” and “It Ends with Us.”

I’ll let you know my thoughts!

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