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10th Birthday NYC Trip

Here is the long awaited NYC trip post. Honestly one of my favorite trips I’ve taken and experiencing it with Clara for her 10th birthday was just over the top amazing. AND with some of our very best friends. Clara’s best friend, Crew, was born a day after her! They have literally been friends their…

Momiform Monday 3.20

Happy Monday! I actually had to work Saturday, so I figured that moving this email to you to Monday was a good option. I actually love Mondays. I feel like they’re a fresh start every week. Like all the missteps I made or bad choices or whatever, today I’m starting new and clean and ready…

St. Pattys Day Tops from Target

To be honest, I’m not a huge St. Patrick’s day person, BUT I do love green. Fun fact- it’s my favorite color. St. Patrick’s day is a few days away and on a Friday, so if you’re planning on celebrating, I’ve got you. All of these tops are in store at Target and all you…

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