Good Finds on Friday!

WE MADE IT! Holy cow, what a long week. This week has been super long, but also super busy. Clara started tennis this week, which made my heart really happy because I love tennis. Not sure what else we did, but it sure feels like a blur. Maybe that’s just motherhood. HA!

Anyways, I threw together a Good Finds on Friday for you. This one based on sales! All these items are currently on sale and ones that I truly love!

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  1. My most favorite bra! I have talked about this bra a million times, but it’s rarely $25, and when it is stock up. It feels great and has great support without the wire! I cannot talk about this bra enough!

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2. Animal Print Leggings: I just ordered these from Gap. I cannot confirm how well they are during a run, but I assume I can at least do a strength workout in them while looking FAB. I loveeee a print on leggings I workout in because the print camouflages all the lovely cellulite on your legs. You’re welcome. AND they’re on sale for $29!

3. Floral Maxi Dress: This is a super fun dress to help you transition into spring because it will cover your legs but screams spring! I cannot wait for warm weather and a spring wardrobe. I’m starting the switch everything over. LOVE the back on this dress too. SO FUN. It’s on sale for $22 today!

4. Winter Headband: I know I’m in spring mode, but it’s still really chilly on a run or walk when it’s not mid afternoon. This is my go to headband when I run in the mornings because it doesn’t hurt and it keeps my airpods in place. Lots of colors to choose from too. It’s on sale for $5!!

5. My favorite undies are 10 for $38! BEST quality. I will never buy another kind! They’re so soft! So many different kinds and lots of color options (not just this wonderful neutral shade ;))! You won’t go back once you’ve tried them!

Have the best weekend!

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