Good Finds on Friday

HEY! Look at me actually writing a blog post. Who am I, right!?

I thought I would throw together a Good Finds on Friday post because I’ve grabbed a couple new things that I’m loving and want to share!

  1. Lightweight Puffer Jacket: LOVE this jacket!! It’s perfect for the winter in NC! I’ve worn my larger puffer in the snow, but this has been awesome for just day to day wear. It’s also a great one to run in. Can’t say enough good things about this jacket! A few colors are on sale right now for 20% off!

2. Candle Lighter: Okay, I actually was influenced to buy this when someone posted about it in stories and I LOVE IT. Mainly because it’s specifically a candle lighter and it doesn’t get stolen like the other lighters in my house to start a fire outside. It looks like a mini taser. Brian has given me the HARDEST time about how I now have a weapon. HA but it lights candles so easily and I love it.

3. Gentle Face Wash: I actually ran out of face wash and happened to grab this at Target because I didn’t want to wait to order more. It’s such a good winter cleanser if you have really dry skin in the winter. It’s significantly helped with redness and the dry feeling after washing my face. I hate washing my face in the winter because it can hurt after and there is zero discomfort with it. Highly recommend!

4. Ilia Mascara: OKAYYYY guys. I found a clean match that I love instead of using surfer curl. I won’t lie that I feel like I’m cheating on my favorite mascara, but this stuff is so great. It has a great coverage and goes on so easily with no flaking. And it’s such a great clean brand! YAY!

5. Tubby Todd All Over Ointment: This has been such a game changer for our family. I started using it on my third when she started having mild eczema patches and it helped out a lot. Now when my kids get dry spots, I immediately grab this. I personally use it on my hands every single night in the winter. My 10 year old actually puts it on his face every night. Think CLEAN, thick night cream, but for your body. Use my link and automatically get 10% off!

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