Momiform Monday: What I Wore Last Week

Hey friend! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve blogged, but I’m ready to get back into the swing of things!

I hope you had the very best weekend! We got our first winter storm of the year, which was mainly ice, but still really fun with the kids! We did a lot of sledding! At one point, we were pulling the sleds with our golf cart! Seriously, the best day!

Okay let’s get to the outfits! I’m actually going to share a few outfits that I’ve worn over the last few weeks since it’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a momiform!

I love this outfit! The bodysuit is like butter. I’m in a medium, probably could have sized up to a large, but it fits fine! It’s meant to be tight and when you aren’t used to wearing super tight things, it takes some getting used to! The shacket is from Pink Lily. I sized up to a large and wish I had grabbed a medium, so I would say stay TTS.

This sweater is the sweetest. It’s super warm. It is wool, so it does have an itch factor but it’s not overwhelming. I wore it all day without getting annoyed with it. I’m in a medium!

I just got these leggings during an after christmas sale and I love them! They feel so thin and stay in place. Great quality. TTS.

These jeans are new from Seve7n jeans! They sent them to me to try and I like them. They feel really thin and I wouldn’t say stretchy, but I wouldn’t say structured either- somewhere in the middle. They do suck you in, which is a beautiful thing!

Favorite top right now. It’s actually a sweatshirt so super comfy. TTS. I’ll keep talking about it forever!

I got this poncho for christmas and LOVE it. It’s so comfy and warm, like you’re wearing a big blanket. THE BEST.

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