5 Min Makeup

Tis hump day! Honestly I walked around all day yesterday thinking it was Wednesday when it was really Tuesday. Last night we watched my oldest play baseball and IT WAS SO FUN! He’s finally getting his confidence and playing so well! I’m SO proud!

Today I’m sharing my make up routine! It’s super simple because I have zero time to do it and honestly, I’m not like a fancy makeup person. I just want something to make me not look so tired and haggard. #goals

I’m going to do the full routine in my stories today and time myself. Check it out!

Here is my routine!

  1. Tula primer: Yall I cannot speak more highly of a primer. It is the bomb dot com. It really blurs your skin. It’s MAGIC.
  2. Tula Eye Balm: I use this as my under eye primer to help my concealer go on better. Works like a charm.
  3. Becca Under Eye Brightener: THIS IS THE BEST STUFF IN THE WORLD FOR DARK CIRCLES. THE END. (light medium)
  4. Tarte Ultra Creamy Shape Tape: Way better than regular shape tape. Conceals like a champ. (fair-light neutral)
  5. Benefit Hoola Bronzer: I put this on in the 3 pattern. It gives the best glow.
  6. Nars Blush in shade Deep Throat: Loveeee me some blush. Makes you look alive. You’re welcome.
  7. Benefit Gimme Brows: I really just use these to tint my blonde brows. Works like a charm! (light brown)
  8. Surfer Curl Mascara: Hands down the best mascara on the planet.
  9. Tarte Lip Quench: Burts beeswax cooling sensation mixed with gloss and tint. Shade RoseWinning. (Wear this for longer wear!!)
  10. All Nighter Setting Spray: Really keeps things in place, even when it’s super humid out and you feel like you’re melting.


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