4 Ways to Wear Flannel

I LOVE a good flannel shirt! It’s like it means fall is really here! I have rounded up a bunch of flannels for you!


Here are four ways I styled my flannel!

  1. Flannel half tucked with black shorts: You can really half tuck a flannel into any bottoms! I unbutton the last button and make an X with it and then tuck it in for cleaner tuck. You can also half tuck in with one side completely out.

2. Flannel open with a dress: This is an easy way to wear a flannel when it’s still warm out! I like to pull a solid color from the flannel and find a dress the same. This is also an easy way to dress it up a bit to wear to work.

3. Flannel open with neutral tank under and jeans: Again, this is one of those outfits that you can realllllly play around with. It doesn’t really matter the color neutral or the shade of jeans. It all kind of flows together. I chose a white tank and high waisted black jeans.

4. Flannel around your waist: Guess what? Another super simple option to wear in warm weather and something you can easily wear with just about anything. I love it with these overalls and this white tee. SUPER simple and easy.

MANY MANY more options. I’ll try to play around with them this season so you can see more ways!! Grab a flannel and have fun!!

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