Outfits for a Summer Cookout

Raise your hand if you’re ready for alllllll the summer cookouts!? Que the country music and BBQ smell!

Gosh, I LOVE summer!

I remember going to so many cookouts when I was growing up. Just a bunch of kids and friends grilling out and having fun. Most of ours ended up by the fire at night. I definitely want my kids to have these same memories! Making hosting cookouts a priority this summer!!

Here are a few casual outfits to wear to your next BBQ!

Easy Dress

  1. I have talked about how easy dresses are. Honestly my favorite part of wearing them. They take ZERO thought. These are a great option to wear to your next cookout. Especially if there is a pool involved because you can easily wear your swimsuit under your dress until it’s time to swim!


2. A Romper: Rompers are really growing on me. I used to be super intimidated by them because I was always worried about the length of the shorts. I do not want my booty hanging out when I’m running around chasing kids. One option is, of course, to grab the pant version, but these shorts versions are great too!

Linen Shorts

3. You know I love my linen shorts! They are so light and breezy. Perfect for the freaking HEAT in summer. Plus they dry quick in case you sweat. HA. IYKYK.


4. The easiest thing to do for a cookout is to just throw on a tank either with jeans or shorts! I feel like this is my repeat outfit alllll summer long. I want to wear the least amount of clothes, but you know obviously wearing decent clothing. It just gets SO hot in NC!

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