Quiet Time Boxes

You know what I miss about the baby/toddler stages?


Holy moly, is it a sad day when the naps go away. You all of a sudden lose your midday break and it SUCKS.

My kids have “room time” after the naps have gone away, but a lot of times they are constantly asking me when they can come out. I’ve quickly learned it’s best for everyone to have a set of activities they can do quietly.

Que the Quiet Time Boxes! These are boxes I fill with activities they can do while in their bed and I only let them play with them while they’re having their room time so they are special.

The whole goal of this is a break for YOU.

(I do make them start with reading, whatever time you choose. (We usually do 20-30 mins.) Then their time is their own! They can do whatever they want, but have to play quietly in their rooms.)

Here are a list of the activities that I put in them!

  1. Sketch books
  2. Crayons or colored pencils
  3. Sticker books (here, here, and here)
  4. Coloring books
  5. Lego idea books
  6. Library/Reading books
  7. Word search
  8. Sudoku

Here is to gaining your breaks back!!

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