Good Finds on Friday Vol. 11

Not only is it TGIF, but it’s the last day of school!!!

So many mixed emotions. So happy to not have to clean uniforms, pack lunches, be up and moving at a certain time! Focusing on the positives and not the fear and overwhelming feeling that I’m about to be home with my kids for 3 months straight.

YIKES. Scary just even typing it out, but we will get through it and hug all those teachers so tight on open house night. Ha!

Here’s your GFF for this week!

  1. Revision Papaya Enzyme Face Wash: This is my FAVORITE face wash. I have sensitive, dry skin and this is gold! Gets my face clean without making it red. AND ITS ON SALE!

2. Black mask: Another Revision goodie that’s on sale! I use this at least once a week, especially if I’m working at the hospital and wearing a mask all day. It REALLY clears your pores. HIGHLY recommend.

3. Straw Purse: LOVE this! I actually just bought this. I usually don’t carry a little bag around, but for date night or brunch or church, whatever! I love this cute bag for this summer!

4. Aerie Undies: These are the BEST! So many different types, but they just feel so nice. AND I love these SEAMLESS ones!

5. Aerie High Waisted Bikini (top, bottom): LOVE this bikini so much. Honestly it’s my first bikini I’ve worn since Landin was baby. Not kidding. I have been super hesitant about the high waisted bikini world, mainly because I hate the way they hit the leg. A lot of them make you look like you’re wearing a large diaper just because of the way it cuts off on your leg. This on is the BEST. TTS in the bottoms. I got a medium in the top and I should have gotten a large. (I’m a 36D for reference) All Aerie Swim is on sale this weekend!!

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