Summer Activities List

I read somewhere a few years ago that you only have 18 summers with you kids, and actually probably less than that because once they become teenagers they don’t want to hang out with you. BREAK. YOUR. HEART.

Honestly, I’m already feeling pretty overwhelmed at the thought of having all my kids home all summer. ALL. day. but I want to make it count. I really want this summer to be the best one ever!! especially after the last summer we had)

I’ve compiled a list of things the kids activities to help keep them busy this summer! Let’s just keep referring back to this!

Summer Activity List

  1. Bike Rides
  2. Learn to draw on Art for Kids Hub on Youtube
  3. Nature walk
  4. Pool
  5. Chalk drawing
  6. Bubbles
  7. Play a board game
  8. Make homemade Popsicle
  9. Write a letter to a friend or family member
  10. Make a craft bin and let them go to town
  11. Bake cookies
  12. Have a dance party
  13. Build a fort
  14. Make paper airplanes
  15. Play charades
  16. Nerf gun fight
  17. Do a puzzle
  18. Play basketball or HORSE
  19. Make a fun snack
  20. Make a bird feeder
  21. Play dress up
  22. Play doctor or vet
  23. Make a cereal necklace
  24. Create a scavenger hunt
  25. Try new parks
  26. Find a splash pad
  27. Find a zoo
  28. Visit the library
  29. Run through the sprinklers
  30. Wash your car
  31. Have a toy wash
  32. Make a lemonade stand
  33. Hopscotch
  34. Take a walk
  35. Set up an obstacle course
  36. Make friendship bracelets
  37. Play a card game
  38. Make up a dance to your favorite song
  39. Make the tallest tower with plastic cups
  40. Water gun fight
  41. Make a slip and slide
  42. Make a picnic
  43. Help your neighbor
  44. Outdoor movie
  45. Make play dough
  46. Have a fashion show
  47. Have a talent shoe
  48. Learn a magic trick
  49. Catch lightning bugs
  50. Get ice cream

Let’s have the best summer EVER!

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