Good Finds on Friday Vol. 10

HEYYYYY. Friday is finally here!

This weekend we are headed to Wilmington for my cousin’s wedding and I AM SO PUMPED! We haven’t seen my whole family since before Covid. I cannot wait to be around people!!

Here are my Good Finds on Friday!!

  1. Red Striped Dress: Just got this in the mail yesterday and I LOVE it!

2. Girls Striped dress: I am most definitely making my girls both wear this dress for the wedding tomorrow. It is SO cute!!

3. Megababe Thigh Rescue: If you run and are team no thigh gap, you NEED this. You won’t be waddling after a run ever again.

4. Charlotte Tilbury Highlighter: I have quickly become OBSESSED with this highlighter wand. Gives you the perfect summer glow!

5. T3 wand: I KNOW. It’s super expensive, but it is the only thing that will curl my hair. I mean the ONLY thing that will hold a curl. I bought the 3 pack of barrels, but I only use the 1 inch. They’re on sale right now at Sephora. It’s definitely a better deal to buy all three, which is what I did, but if you wanted to save money just get the base and the 1 inch barrel. You will NOT regret it. It will change your life. And there’s something about it’s negative ions that don’t damage your hair. #savethehair. ( 3pack, base, 1inch barrel)

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