Easy Earth Day Activities


Any other office addicts out there waiting for Recyclops to walk in?! HA

Here are 5 ways you can easily teach your kids about Earth Day without getting all fancy!

  1. Make a bird feeder out of a pine cone! You know, the one you did back in school with peanut butter and bird seed. It’s a hit with the kids and fun birds come in your yard!
  2. Plant something! Tis the season for gardening and fresh flowers! Plant some with your kids! They’ll love digging in the dirt as much as you’ll love the final result.
  3. Pick up litter! Go to a local park or even just walking around the neighborhood and find litter to clean up. You can even make it a game!
  4. Turn off the lights in the house! Not a SUPER exciting one, but one definitely all dads would approve of!
  5. RECYCLE! Talk about recycling with your kids and where your recycling bin is in your house. If they’re younger, this all may be new to them that there are two different bins in your trash drawer!

Enjoy the day outside!!

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