Ulta Haul

Honest reviews of my latest spring Ulta haul!

  1. Tula Sunscreen: I was super pumped to try this out because a girl I follow wore it during her trip to Disney and never had a mask tan. And if it works all day in the Florida sun, I’m game. Pros: easy to put on, gel, goes on well under make up, lasts all day. Cons: has Avobenzone in it. I am not a super healthy sunscreen person, but I try my hardest to not put crap on my skin. I realllllly liked this, so I was super bumbed to see it had this ingredient. I will definitely use it up, but probably won’t buy it again and stick to my Elta MD.
  2. Tarte Creamy Shape Tape: I love regular shape tape so I was excited to try out the creamy version. Okay, it’s definitely more watery than the regular. I was concerned it wasn’t going to cover as well as the regular, but it did! I used the same amount and everything. I would say that it’s comparable to the regular shape tape. I use fair light neutral.
  3. Becca Under Eye Brightener: YALL. This stuff is the bomb. I have zero negatives to say except that they’re going out of business in September. I’m hopeful that if we just keep buying stuff, they’ll change their minds?! Right!? It’s a dark circle magic eraser. I use the light medium.
  4. Maybelline Sky High Mascara: WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT. Holy moly. It’s brush is flimsy. It didn’t stay on all day and I bought the waterproof. AND it took many coats for it to somewhat match my Tarte Surfer Curl. Lame. Tik Tock doesn’t know anything.
  5. St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse: I wanted to try this after I saw several people say it’s the best, and IT IS. I have tried many self tanners and this takes the cake. It comes out green and that really freaked me out because I was worried I was going to look yellow. I mean I have zero bits of olive skin, I’m more pink, but it worked great! I put it on at night, let it dry, and didn’t shower until after my workout the next day. It stayed on well. I just redid it a week later! Great for spring!

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