Top 6 Target Sandals

Tis the season for sandals! PRAISE THE LORD. I don’t know about you but I am OVER washing and matching socks. I literally want to throw all of them away and start clean next season.

It’s BOGO 50% off sandals right now. Considering it’s where I buy most of mine here are my top six that I wear the most!

  1. Nyla Ankle Strap Sandal: I actually just bought these, but I can promise you they will be ones I wear A LOT because they are flat, extremely comfortable, and are strapped. I love a good slip on, but I also love knowing these aren’t going to budge all day.

2. Neida EVA Two Band Slide Sandals: I talked about these in my last GFF post, but I wear these A LOT. Any time I know there is a chance for my shoes to get wet, they are on. I also like to wear these with a casual outfits. The colors are really great and the are the EXACT same as the Birkenstock. I mean I really don’t get why you would waste your money.

3. Jenny Slides: I also bought these last season. They are a really great Steve Madden dupe! Like the exact same for a fraction of the cost. Goes with everything. You really can’t go wrong.

4. Fiona Heels: I saw a rec for these from Kate from The Small Thing Blog. They are BY FAR the most comfortable heels I have ever worn. NO LIE. I keep wearing them around the house and am like blown away. Fun fact. I used to wear heels to study because it made me feel more put together and like at work to get me in the right mindset. HA. These go out of stock A LOT, but if you just click the “notify me when available” button, they come back quick- they’ll just go out quick so be on it.

5. Sammi Triple Band Sandals: I just got these this season and know they’ll be my statement shoe for the season. They’re simple, but make a statement and I just love the cheetah print!

6. Michaela Sandal Pumps: These are my go to pumps for any dressed up function. I have had them for years. They are the BEST neutral shoe out there. Very classic and goes with everything. They ARE NOT the most comfortable shoe, but honestly I don’t wear heels a ton so that’s probably my issue. These will be one of my favorite shoes til I die.

I’ll be discussing them all on stories, so come on over to instagram!


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