Laundry Challenge

Do you feel super overwhelmed by laundry? Always behind with piles of laundry everywhere? ME TOO. Let’s create a new habit of washing one load of laundry a day together!! 

The challenge will start TOMORROW! 

Here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Make sure your washer and dryer are EMPTY tonight. 
  2. Put a load in a laundry basket on top of your washing machine. 
  3. Set a timer tomorrow for around the time you wake up. THIS IS NOT YOUR ALARM. You should already be awake. Label the alarm “put laundry in the washer” and set it for EVERY DAY! Be aware if you need to make it for different times on the weekend! 
  4. Set another alarm for ONE hour later. Label it “move laundry to dryer” 
  5. Think of a time you have 15-20 where you can fold AND distract yourself with a show, podcast, audio book, music etc. You are usually home for a window every day. Plan for this and SET ANOTHER ALARM. Label this “Fold the laundry!” 
  6. After you’re going to IMMEDIATELY put it away. 
  7. Refill the laundry basket with a dirty load of clothes and put it on top of your washing machine for the next day! 

We are IN THIS TOGETHER. I am learning this habit with you and I’ll be posting in my stories throughout the day to remind you! 


Ash 🙂

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