Legoland Review and Tips

This past weekend we took our oldest son on a trip to Legoland, FL! My husband and I decided that when each of our kids turn 10, we will let them choose a trip (within reason) to take with just the three of us. It was SO nice to have quality time with just Landin. It was also VERY nice to just travel with one child, and that child being extremely independent. Felt like a vacation for us parents too!! We took all 4 kids to Disney World last year and the trips were night and day. 

Things We Liked: 

  1. The park was super kid friendly for all ages. I would say the best ages are 2-12. Landin was just at the tail end of it being cool still. There were a handful of big kid rides and roller coasters, but none went upside down or were real “thrill seeking.” Landin doesn’t love the upside down roller coasters yet, so the ones they offered were just right for him. There were also TONS of rides for younger kids, playgrounds, and slow moving rides.
  2. All the different Lego displays were REALLY cool. I mean almost everything is made of Legos. Imagining building them and how they did it was fun. I told Landin he needed to be a Lego engineer!
  3. The waterpark was fun and also good for all ages. I definitely feel it was geared more towards the younger kids. Only 2 “big kid” slides. We spent about 2 hours at the water park and that was more than enough for us.
  4. Virtual waiting lines: A lot of the rides with heavier traffic had virtual lines you joined on the Legoland app. It would notify you when it was your turn and you would have 15 mins to get to the ride. Made it easy to keep large groups to a minimum. 
  5. Although we didn’t get to take part in this part because of Covid, they had lots of lego building stations in all the waiting lines. Such a fun idea to keep kids busy while you wait!
  6. GET THE APPLE FRIES. You won’t regret it. 

Tips for taking a trip: 

  1. Grab a map. The park was a little hard to navigate. They were doing construction on the park and finding our way around it took some tries.
  2. It’s a lot bigger than you think. Take good walking shoes. We walked over 21K steps in a day!  
  3. Download the Legoland app BEFORE you get to the park. You’ll need it for the virtual lines!
  4. The park doesn’t accept cash!!! They only take cards. I think in this world we are living in, that is becoming the norm, but definitely good to know. 
  5. Do not wait until the end of the day to buy your Legos. We stopped in the Big Lego Store on our way to lunch, (we ate out of the park) and there wasn’t a soul in there. We went to actually make our ego purchases at park closing on our way out- and so did everyone else. We waited in a line for about 45 min and the store was PACKED. It was a little difficult to pick out what you wanted. 

Overall, we really had the BEST trip. I asked Landin if he had as much fun as he expected and it said it was better than he expected! The best response I could have hoped for!! Love that kid!

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