5 Most Worn Items

Hey girlfriend! Hope you’re doing well today. I thought I would share my 5 most worn items. When I came up with the idea it sounded fun, but I had a hard time narrowing it down to five! Surprise, surprise, I am a creature of habit and wear the same things a lot! 

These are in no particular order!

Apple Watch band: I LOVE this watch band! I love the color. I love that it’s super inexpensive. And I love that I have had it for a long time and it’s lasted! It’s also very easy to wipe down and clean, so I feel comfortable wearing it to the hospital! I have the hot pink one, but I LOVE the lavender for spring

Old Navy Elevate Leggings: My favorite workout leggings! I run and do HIIT workouts in these and they stay up. They also have a pocket, which I don’t really use when I workout, but greatly appreciate in life. They are also like $30 full price, but usually on sale. Can’t beat them! I mean we all love a good Lululemon legging, but when you can buy like 6 for one pair of Lulus well, just makes sense. I actually probably have 6 pairs of these!

Old Navy Jeans: Yep. You read right. I actually bought these jeans as my “in between” jeans for after I had my last baby and ended up loving them. I used to HATE Old Navy jeans and wouldn’t even try them on. I think they have changed things up. These are high waisted, inexpensive and fit great. They’re technically straight jeans but definitely skinny, straight. I own at least 3 pairs. Maybe 4. Ha. 

Golden Goose Dupes: I.wear.these.all.the.time. LOVE these shoes. Actually wore them to Disney last year and they were very comfortable! No need to pay over $500 for shoes when you can get them for around $100. Honestly they go on sale a lot, so I wouldn’t even pay full price. The leather part of the shoes cleans really easily with a magic eraser!  

Quay After Hours Sunglasses: Loveeee these sunglasses. I have the black and the tortoise ones! I could probably buy more. They’re THE BEST. Let’s cover up all the tired eyes and eye masks! If I’m going to wear sunnies, these are always my choice!

Can you tell I love these things?? I think I said “I love them” in every section. Ha. Well, they are my most worn items! 🙂

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