Top 10 Amazon Purchases of 2021

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I know we are almost to the end of February, but in honor of my new Amazon Storefront opening, I thought I would share with you my top ten purchases from Amazon in 2021!

1. Elijah Bible Study

This was probably the best study I did all year long. It was written during the mess of 2020 and it really was VERY applicable to our time. It’s amazing to me how a book written ages ago can be so relatable in present day. Cannot recommend this enough, along with all of her studies.

2. Miracle Patches

These are so amazing because they actually suck out the crap under a zit, like even without a head. I just put these on when I’m going to bed and in the morning it’s all puffy and full and gross, MAGIC.

3. Sun Visor

I actually reallllly loved this and wore it all summer. It’s super easy because it rolls up in your bag. I like the visor because it doesn’t fall off your head and it keeps your head from getting so sweaty. Highly recommend as we are heading into spring!

4. Saltwater Sandals

I buy these for my girls EVERY YEAR and cannot say enough good things about them. They hold up so well. They can get wet and be like their play sandals, but also look good enough to go to church in. Just the best all around sandal for girls!

5. Yeti Coffee Tumbler

I use this thing daily. I don’t know why I love it so much. I have a ton of yetis but the size of this one is perfect. You can fit a good decide coffee in there (or a beer ;)) I love the color. One of my most used products!

6. Colon Cleanser

I’m laughing as I type this because apparently we are reallllll good friends now. This stuff works. Like really works. Start with two pills and then work your way up. DO NOT go for a run the next morning. You’re welcome.

7. High Waisted Bathing Suit

This is by far my favorite high waisted bathing suit I own. It actually sucks you in and is super flattering. I have a few and they just kind of fall, but this one has more compression. You’ll feel great it in! Also I really like this brand. They make some good stuff.

8. Apple Watch Band

I love this band. It’s thinner and I think goes with more. I also love these thicker ones but more for fun. I also like this leather one, even though it’s not real leather but you get what you pay for!

9. Spin Mop

This thing is THE BEST. I can’t say that I’ve ever loved a mop, but this one is really great. It really cleans and the way it spins really helps to not make a mess.

10. Pony Pick

I don’t know how I went 8 years of being a girl mom without this. It essentially cuts the elastics so you aren’t pulling out your girls hair. SUPER HELPFUL for girls with sensitive heads.

11. Hair Ties

These are the best. They make your ponies perky without damaging your hair. They do stretch out, but I just keep wrapping them tighter. I till never buy another hair tie.

12. Hair Brush

This brush is magic. My girls even call it the magic brush because it gets their tangles out and doesnt make them scream at me. Thankful I found this is an understatement!

Don’t forget to check out my amazon storefront for all the other goodies!!

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