Spring Transition Outfit Ideas

Here we are! Finally ready to kiss our winter wardrobe GOODBYE, but it’s still not quite warm enough to go all out in a spring wardrobe.

I’m throwing together some easy outfit ideas so that you can replicate them easily in your closet! Slowly piecing together spring pieces, until we can finally go all in!

Outfit Idea 1: Maxi Dresses

Dress (this season). Sunglasses. Sneakers. Purse.

Maxi dresses are an EASY way to look more spring without really trying. These dresses are long enough to keep you warm, but grabbing the right pattern or color can turn it into the perfect spring transition piece. My dress is from last season, but Target is still making them this year! I’m linking a few options for you! Just click on the pictures!

Outfit Idea 2: Light Wash Jeans

Now’s the time to break out those light wash jeans again! They are perfect for right now. I’m loving this green quilted top to pair with it. I think wearing the right colors right now reallly helps you transition to spring. Toss those muted back in the closet and bring out spring colors! Linking a few of my favorite light was jeans!

Outfit Idea 3: Floral Prints

Nothing screams spring like a good floral print. It’s hard because a lot of times they can get too busy, but I’ve scouted out some good one. If you wear floral, keep the rest of your outfit more plain and solid. Click the pictures for links!

Outfit Idea 4: Spring Colored Sweaters

Even though we are diving into spring, we still have some cold days. I love having a few brighter colored sweaters to help bring spring into the outfit. It doesn’t always need to be bright, just spring colored- think light purples, yellows, greens, and pinks.

Outfit Idea 5: Long Sleeve Dresses

A perfect way to look spring with some added warmth is a long sleeve dress. You can add a pair of higher boots to cover your legs a little more depending on the temperature. I’ve rounded up a few long sleeve shorter dresses for you! Just click on the picture!

Hope this helps!!

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