Recent Target Finds

It’s been a minute since I’ve done and Target try on and I thought I would run in a grab a couple things before the CRAZY people of Black Friday enter. The middle aisles were already packed and ready. Gives me anxiety just being in there. I’m an online Black Friday shopper always unless I’m going for something specific. YES, I have gone in the past, but I just don’t have it in me anymore.

Anywayssss. Let’s chat about some things I tried on.

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  1. The White Top (above): This is a size medium. I really love a white blouse. The only downside to this one is that it’s see thru, so you will need a cami under. Otherwise I think it’s cute! The collar has eyelet detailing, which is really pretty and will really last you through the spring season.

2. Green Cardigan: I LOVE this green color and it’s perfect for the holidays coming up. AND it’s speckled. The buttons come down too low for it to be worn as a top, but it’s just great left open. I think this would be also fun to wear with overalls or black jeans. It’s really soft. I’m in a medium and it fits great! PS it’s called the grandpa cardigan, which makes me love it even more!

3. Rain Coat: This rain coat is really fun. I honestly just love the teal color because there isn’t a lot of things I have in this color and given the two dresses behind me in this picture, I’m guessing it’s an “in” color this season. It’s really light weight. Definitely not a warm coat, but it’s SUPER long and will definitely keep you from getting wet. It also comes in an orange and black color! Definitely a fun find! I’m in a medium!

4. Gray Pom Pom Sweater: Okay I LOVE the pom pom detailing on this sweater, but I cannot get passed the shoulders. If you are a puff sleeve sweater girl, then this is for you! The mock neck is the perfect length and the pom poms are really cute. It’s see thru where the stitching is looser, but overall fine. I’m actually in a small because it’s all the had and it fit great. Size down! Currently on sale for $20!

5. Brown/Black Cardigan: Okay this was for sure my favorite find. Pair this with black jeans and I may wear this outfit all season. I tucked in the cardigan just slightly and it’s the perfect length with high waisted jeans. I am a SUCKER for brown/black combos. This one takes the cake! I’m in a medium!

6. Sweatshirt/ Joggers: I loveeee this purple color so much. I’m not one to wear a matching sweat outfit, but you could sell here. These are high waisted joggers and a hoodie I love that there isn’t a drawstring. There is some give in the joggers, so I bet they would stretch, but either way super soft and comfy. Fleece material on the inside! And like $15 for the joggers and $20 for the sweatshirt. I’m in a medium in the sweatshirt and a large in the joggers.

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