Momiform Monday: What I Wore Special Asheville Edition

–if you’re just here for the outfits, skip to the bottom! 😉

Friend! Here we are at another Monday, but this Monday is special BECAUSE it’s November 1st! This year is FLYING. This day marks the day of all the fun things happening at the end of the year! So many holiday fun things! I just planned out all my November content and it fills me with so much joy thinking of all the fun things taking place!

This weeks Momiform Monday is special because I’m really doing a combo post: sharing my Asheville trip AND sharing my outfits. It’s a win win!

We stayed in our RV at a tiny little campground call “Rock Creek Campground” in Zirconia, NC. It’s right outside of Flat Rock, NC, so very close to all the things. The owners live in the little blue house behind the campground. The campground is very small with little amenities, but they have a VERY awesome creek and a VERY clean bathroom. I hate public bathrooms and I was very impressed with the facilities that this campground had. Our site was right on the creek so it was PERFECT for our kids to play in!

On Saturday morning, I had the grand idea to take everyone on a hike and let Brian choose the hike. The views were BEAUTIFUL, but it was a trek to get there. First being just the road to the parking lot. It was a tiny little, extremely bumpy dirt road. You had to have some kind of larger vehicle to get down there. Given that, there weren’t a lot of people on the trail. The first little bit was a easy walk, then it was a pretty steep and then straight up at the end. My big kids did great, but we did have to carry the little ones most of the way. Find the trail here.

On Sunday we visited the BEST apple orchard we have ever been to, Jeter Mountain Farm. I cannot recommend this place enough. There were tractors, live bluegrass music, bbq, a hard cider tasting room, apple cidar donuts, and a BEAUTIFUL apple orchard. It was just so pretty and clean. I was so impressed with this place! We will definitely be back first thing next fall!

OUTFITS: What I wore!

cardigan. tshirt. leggings. birks.

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