4 Ways to Wear Chelsea Boots

I am OBSESSED with Chelsea boots this season. They are so classic and a really versatile piece to have in your wardrobe. I actually have TWO pairs of chelsea boots because I’m annoying. One pair are specifically rainboots and the other are just regular boots. Both are very easy to style, but I stuck to four ways to help give you a springboard for styling your boots!

My boots are from Target! WHAT. Yep. I stalked the site and waited for probably a month for these babies to come in stock and I LOVE them. They are water repellant, have a really comfortable insole, and super sturdy. I’m really impressed with the quality given that they’re $40! Way to go, Target!

Outfit 1: Floral blouse and jeans. This is actually what I wore today. I think that the darkness of the shirt helps tie in the black boots, but you can really pair brown with black too and it look really great together. This is a great casual outfit to grab!

Outfit 2: Dress + Chelsea Boots: This is a really great outfit for this weird part of the season when it’s still pretty warm out but you want to dress fall. I love paring the boots with this flannel dress, but you can really do it with just about any dress.

Outfit 3: Sweater and Black Jeans: Love this combo because it dresses up with boots. The black jeans and the boots are seamless! You could wear this on a date or church easily!

Outfit 4: Sweater + Leggings: This is probably my favorite because it will definitely be the way I wear these boots the most. This really helps keep your feet warm, but adds a little something extra than just sneakers.

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