Happy First Day of Fall!

Raise your hand if this is your most favorite season?! Because it’s most definitely mine!

When I think of fall I can almost smell it. I have these vivid memories of driving past colorful leaves; driving onto my campus in college, the mountains this past fall, and picking the kids of from school with my grandma always commenting on how beautiful they are. I love how we will begin to wear more layers and feel crisp morning air. It makes me want to watch “You’ve Got Mail” and light a pumpkin candle!

Last year due to covid and the lack of things to do, we spent a lot of time in the mountains. The NC mountain leaves are BEAUTIFUL and if you can ever get yourself here for fall, you’ll never forget it. I hoping we can plan a trip up there soon! Here is a link to the leaf schedule!

I’ve created a Fall Bucket List for your family to enjoy this season! Hoping that it gives you some ideas to spend some quality time together!

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