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HAPPY MONDAY, my friend! We had such a great weekend in Asheville camping! Honestly wish we could have stayed longer. It was so calm and not stressful. The world feels so heavy these days and it was SO nice just to catch my breath with my people.

Sharing my makeup routine with you today!

I am very minimal with makeup. I don’t like a lot and I don’t like anything heavy. If you prefer light makeup feel, I’m your girl. I’m going to go in order of how I put it on and I’ll be posting a reel on how I do my makeup later today!

Tula Primer

This has been a game changer the second that I tried it. I honestly watched people on the gram post about it forever before I tried it because I assumed it wasn’t THAT good. But IT IS. Somehow it really blurs your skin. I wear this every single day, whether I’m wearing makeup or not. It doesn’t cover anything up, just blurs it. I can’t think of a better word. HIGHLY recommend.

Tula Eye Brightening Balm

I use this right under my eyes as an under eye primer. I feel like it helps my concealer go on smoother. It has a little bit of a glow to it, so it can be also used as a highlighter!

Becca Eye Brightner

This apparently is going to be gone like asap because the company is closing. I’m actually going to order one right now while I’m thinking about it. I put this on with my ring finger and just dab it under my eye to really cover up my dark circles. I use light to medium.

Tarte Ultra Creamy Shape Tape

I LOVE this stuff. It doesn’t crease like the regular shape tape. It just spreads better and really conceals all the things. I would recommend going into the store (Ulta) and trying out the shades. You want to find the shade that covers your veins on the inside of your wrist best.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer

I really love how this goes on. It’s a great bronzer. I do the 3 shape meaning to ut it on right under your cheek bones, forehead, and under my chin. I also use this as an eye shadow if I’m feeling fancy. I don’t usually wear eye shadow though.

Nars Blush

I actually got this blush as a sample and loved it! It’s such a great shade for year round and it goes on really well. Just don’t look at the names too much. Haha!! I use the shade “Deep Throat.”

Benefit Gimme Brow

I love this brush. It’s like a mascara brush that you lightly color your brows with. I like to use this to darken up my brows. I use light brown. (3M)

Surfer Curl Mascara

THIS IS THE BEST MASCARA. I have tried so many and this is by far my favorite. Goes on well. Doesn’t flake and really makes your lashes look so long! I get so many compliments on the length of my lashes and I do nothing for them.

Maybelline Super Stay

This Matte lip crayon is the best. It stays put FOREVER. I get the shade “On The Grind” and I feel like it’s a really good dupe for the famous Charlotte Tillbury Pillow Talk. I wear this a lot. Pretty much every day if I put on makeup. I always feel like I look like corpse without lipstick. My lips just have zero shade.

All Nighter Setting Spray

I love this stuff in the summer. I literally just spray all over my face and this fan it out. It really helps your face no melt in the summer heat. Been using this for a long time and it lasts FOREVER.


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