Nordstrom Sale Picks

Guess I’m jumping on the bandwagon. I honestly wasn’t going to do a Nordstrom post because EVERYONE is doing it, but I thought I would share things that I actually have and some things I’m wanting to try in the sale! I’ve gotten a lot of my staples from the sale!

St. Tropez Sunless Tanner

I honestly feel like I have tried every single kind of sunless tanner and this is by far my favorite. It comes out a little green, which FREAKED me out when I first put it on but it ended up being such a nice color that really stayed on well. I’m very happy to report that is is my go to and I look tan without UV damage!

Tula’s Cult Classic Kit

This actually has all my Tula favorites (minus the sunscreen) in one kit, which is pretty awesome! All the basics. The cleanser really cleanses well and mixes well on the skin. I love how gentle it is and it never irritated my skin. The day and night moisturizer is a fan favorite over here. I use it as my daily moisturizer because it is very light. I don’t feel it, but it’s still able to keep up with my dry skin. The eye balm I use every day. I really use it as a primer before I put on any eye makeup. I really feel like it helps my concealer go on easily and stay put better than it would without.

Moonlight Pj Set

I haven’t tried these before, but I have seen from several bloggers that they are the best! Plus they’re only $29, so I’m willing to give them a shot. They look super comfortable. I’m just a sucker for a Pj set.

Zella High Waisted Leggings

These leggings aren’t made for working out, more of the align feel. They are full length and high waisted. Zella leggings are honestly one of my favorite for how well they feel and hold up.

Things I haven’t tried but like:

Finn Chain Pointed Toe Mule

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