Momiform: Linen shorts

Let’s talk linen shorts. I feel like these are the most comfortable shorts you can wear all season, but I have spent years not loving them because I didn’t want them to make me look bigger than I am. I mean who wants that!?

The key to wearing linen shorts is defining your natural waistline!!

Because they are a wide leg pant, you absolutely need to front tuck or fully tuck to define your waistline at your natural waistline!

I got this pair of linen shorts at Old Navy. They have a 4 inch inseam and tons of color options!

  1. Graphic tee: this is a great option for daily life. I mean you literally feel like you are wearing pjs!

2. Stripes!! This striped tank is old but here are a few options! (here and here and here)

3. A fitted tank or tee! Great option to fully tuck all the way in and show off your natural waistline!

4. Paired with a jean jacket! This is a great option if it’s cold or you don’t feel comfortable in a fitted tee. The jean jacket gives the perfect third layer to complete your look.

Hope this is helpful!

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