One Hour Mom Dates

A few weeks ago I noticed some changes in behavior in one of my kids. I knew I needed to figure out something different.

I took him out on date with me and all we did was grab Starbucks and walk the dog in the park and he came back a different kid. Not only that, but he told me he LIKED hanging out with me and asked when we would do it again.

I realized something I already knew: our kids really need that one on one attention. It doesn’t have to be fancy or long or cost a lot of money for it to count! You just have to be present and focused on that kid.

SO, I thought for you AND me I would brainstorm some “One Hour Mom Date” ideas.

  1. Meal at a restaurant
  2. Ice cream
  3. Build a new lego set
  4. Walk in the park
  5. Hang out in a bookstore
  6. Museum visit
  7. Bike ride
  8. Putt Putt
  9. Basketball (play horse)
  10. Tennis/ soccer/ any sport
  11. Play a board game
  12. Play a card game
  13. Bake cookies
  14. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  15. Practice driving in an empty parking lot (let the little kids sit in your lap)
  16. Go to a baseball game
  17. Volunteer together
  18. Do each others make up
  19. Get your nails done
  20. Visit a plant nursery
  21. Paint pottery
  22. Walk around the mall
  23. Visit the dollar store and let them pick out a treat
  24. Go bowling
  25. Go fishing
  26. Grocery store trip with candy at the end
  27. Make smores by the fire
  28. Make up a play
  29. Take silly pictures of each other
  30. Hike

It honestly doesn’t matter what you do! The most important thing is that you are present with that child and that child!!

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