Good Finds on Friday Vol. 3

Hey hey! It’s FriYAY!

  1. Leave in Conditioner: A friend at work told me about this and I put it in my hair every time I wash it now. If you have dry hair that is constantly static-ey, this is the best. Doesn’t weigh down your hair, but takes away the static!

2. Neck and Back Massager: YALL. I actually bought this for myself this past Christmas and it was the best gift I have ever received! HA It’s a game changer!

3. Birk Dupes: LOVE these plastic slide on’s from Target. They are THE SAME as the Birkenstock, but wayyyy less. I have a pair from last season and I wore them to the pool and the beach!

4. Kids Birk Dupes: Loved these for my kids as well!

5. Compatible Wagon: If you are taking your children to the beach or pool, I cannot recommend this enough. It was SO helpful to carry all. the. things. I take it everywhere.

Have a great weekend!

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