What’s in My Beach Bag

Giving you a peek inside my very large beach bag! These are things that are regularly in my bag for either me or the kids!

  1. My Beach Bag: Last year I was looking for an extra large bag for all the things I need. This bag is PERFECT and it’s waterproof! You can buy it here on Amazon or you can buy it for less, but select prints on Zulily!
  2. My favorite cover ups: I loveee these two cover ups. They’re easy to get on and off, comfy, and kid friendly.

3. Sunglasses: I have quite the obsession with sunglasses. Here are my favorite shades! Most are from Quay and they have BOGO sales A LOT. I’ll try to update you when they do! You can really get them anywhere though. Even Amazon has them!

After Hours Black Matte

After Hours Tortoise

Sweet Dreams Tortoise

Jezebell Smoke/Gold

Le Specs Caramel

4. SNACKS on SNACKS on SNACKS. You cannot go to the beach with kids without loading down on snacks.

5. Hats: I always wear hats at the beach. ALWAYS. I have burnt my face all my life and I will do my darnest to try to reverse the damage I’ve done. These are my favorites. The hat is great for lounging, but it does easily blow off in the wind. I recently purchased the visor and love that it stays on and keeps my head cooler. My third hat is just a baseball hat that I wear all. the. time. I have it in Carolina Blue, but I love the color options they give now. Plus love supporting a small business in my city!

6. Sunscreen: I’m a middle of the road person when it comes to sunscreen, especially when I’m trying to get 4 kids recovered every 2 hours. It’s a full job on the beach. These are the ones I have found that work great and don’t have all the bad stuff. It’s not the best, but it’s also not the worst. I usually just use for myself what I get for my kids and then the Elta MD for my face.

7. Water Bottles: Insulated water bottles are the best. This is what I usually take for the kids and for me!

8. Towels: Honestly I get a lot of my beach towels from Costco or Marshalls!

Okay! That’s what is in my beach bag! Can’t wait to actually pack a beach bag soon!

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