Mountain Weekend 2/12

Last weekend we went to our family mountain house. My most FAVORITE place in the world! As much “off the grid” as I would like to be. I swear when I’m driving up the mountain and my windows are down, I actually breathe deeper. 

This was the first weekend we have gone up in the winter. We usually go in the spring or summer where we can hike or tube down the New River!

Y’all I promised my kids we would see snow this year! Who would have thought that the weekend that we were on the hunt for some snow, TEXAS would be seeing more snow than us!?

Unfortunately, all it did was rain the entire weekend. Saturday we drove into Boone to try to go snow tubing. We actually had reservations first, but the place closed. So we tried our hand at hte “first come first serve” places. (Sugar Mountain) BAD IDEA. When we got there, you would have to wait in line for an hour just to get tickets to tube for 2 hours. Not worth it. 

We ended up going into downtown Boone to eat lunch and visit the Mast General Store. Always a fun tourist attraction, but definitely not worth 3 hours in the car with all my kids.  The pictures are my parents with my kids!

Saturday was also a very special day because it was Clara’s birthday!! She’s now eight! She had a blast at our little party this weekend. 

Sunday we made reservations to go snowboarding at night. Landin has been snowboarding with Brian, but Clara and I were first timers! Due to my past experiences on the slopes, I was SO nervous but hopeful I had grown up enough to handle it. HA. Literally my thought was that I was too young to handle the challenge. (insert eye roll here) 

**So if you’re close to Boone, Beech Mountain takes reservations and it was a great place to go! There were enough of us there that haven’t snowboarded before so we hit up the bunny slopes first. Well, that was good enough for me –but then Clara hits me with the “I really want to go on the green slope but only if you come with me” WELL DANG IT. Y’all no lie I started freaking out and tearing up. TERRIFIED.  

I came down on all fours. No joke, my hands were always touching the snow. Made it upright maybe 2 times and then got scared and made myself fall. I told Brian next time I come I’m bringing a folding chair to sit at the bottom of the hill and snacks for everyone. I don’t want to miss out on the fun, but definitely don’t need to be sliding down a hill unless it’s via sled. 

My Clara though was incredible!! She had the most can do spirit I have EVER seen. She just went for it! No fear even though she had no idea what she was doing and fell down so much. My mama heart was bursting. I would have fallen 50 more times to just see her like that!!  I want to be like her when I grow up.

Landin of course killed it. I barely saw him because he was constantly going with someone down another slope. Love that he has this skill now!

We had the best weekend! Now back to rainy Charlotte. (ha)

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