Being Intentional with Fun

Let’s talk about FUN. 

I know what you’re thinking. Ashley, it’s 2021. There is no fun here! Or I have a zillion kids and zero time. I’ve said them all before and felt them VERY deeply. Actually, I still say them because you know what, they’re true. Nothing is going to change the current state of our world today or the amount of children or even the amount of free time you have. BUT you can be intentional about creating space for fun. 

I hear you. Tell me your ways oh wise one. HA. I actually have stolen all my ideas from this amazing podcast from Annie F. Downs. She is AMAZING and actually just wrote a book I can’t wait to get my hands on! Here were my takeaways from that podcast

First thing you need to do is find out what is actually fun to you! I mean for realz. What is fun FOR YOU. No one else. I mean other people can be included, but what makes you most happy? I think some people focus too much on being the best at something , when you can still be average AND have fun. I freaking love to play tennis. It’s been YEARS since I’ve played. Actually 10 to be honest because it was something we did before kids. I’m not great at tennis. I mean not great AT ALL, but I still love playing. I have some dreams of taking tennis lessons again in the future, but right now I’m enjoying writing in this new blog or reading some new books. What about you? What can you do right now for fun in this covid life? 

Second (and y’all this is the most important thing) SCHEDULE IT. Like for real. Put it on the dang calendar. The real one that your husband sees. Not the physical planner you carry around in your purse. (Wait? Is that just me?) I just can’t get behind the digital calendars. Anyways, guess what? If you don’t put it on the calendar, it won’t happen! Life will move on and you will become busy with something else that’s not fun like folding clothes or unloading the dishwasher. Yeah, I can see your face through the screen. SCHEDULE IT. Brian and I are still working on this. Mainly, because I suck at putting things in the shared calendar. LIKE SUCK. I don’t know what it is, but you know what, just thinking about having to decide between doing laundry and having dinner with my girlfriends, I am most DEFINITELY putting it on the calendar. 

Okay, now go! Do the things. Have the fun!


Links to outfits:

1. Cream Dress

2. Striped Blue Dress

3. Wrap

4. Short Sleeve Button Up

5. Brown Headband,

6. White layering Tshirt

7. Blue “Charlotte Coat”

8. Purple Half Zip,

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