WELCOME to Everyday Ashley!

Hey girlfriend!! Welcome to Everyday Ashley!! I’m SO excited that you’re here. 

Quick blurb about me: I’m a wife of 11 years and a mom of 4 babes. We live in Charlotte, NC, where I have pretty much lived my whole life. Not to mention, I’ve pretty much lived on the same property my whole life. We currently live sandwiched in between family.  I am a follower of Jesus. I went to nursing school in my mid twenties (whew-that was rough)  and am a labor and delivery nurse. #obnurseatyourcervix! My main job though is being a stay at home mom with my 4 babies. My oldest just turned 10 and my youngest is 19 months. I’m an enneagram 6w7 and feel every ounce of it.  I love coffee and running and skincare and The Office! 

My heart for this space is for you to find a mama you can relate to, laugh with, and just do life together. If you aren’t a mama yet, you are still very welcome here!! Regardless, this is a place where I want you to come to find a friend; a place where we don’t take life SO seriously. This past year- it was a doozy!  I feel like every noise around us was either telling us how bad the outside world was or actually giving us bad news personally. Pre-covid life feels like a lifetime ago.  A LIFETIME. I mean I don’t even remember how I’m supposed to put makeup on the bottom half of my face. 

After this past year we’ve had I’ve decided to make fun a priority in my life. MORE laughing. MORE ease. MORE things that bring joy. MORE grace. And that is what I hope you’ll find here. Join me!!


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