Momiform Monday 3.20

Happy Monday! I actually had to work Saturday, so I figured that moving this email to you to Monday was a good option. I actually love Mondays. I feel like they’re a fresh start every week. Like all the missteps I made or bad choices or whatever, today I’m starting new and clean and ready to become my best self for my family and me and you. I’m quickly reminded as I’m typing this that the Lord looks at us like that all the time, clean. It’s hard for me to understand that he sees me clean, when all I see is my failures. Let’s remember that we need to see ourselves how he does. Give yourself grace as we step into this new week. I’ll work on it if you do. 😉 

Our weekend was pretty low key. My girls started their sports this weekend. One playing soccer and the other tennis. It’s really fun getting to watch them. It’s Addie Kate’s first season ever playing organized sports and she is SO excited. Saturday I worked a 12 hour shift and watched my sweet friend create a new board for our L&D floor. She’s super talented. Check out her instagram here

I hope you have a really great day and your kids act like angels and you feel the most energy you have felt in a long time. We got this!  

Below are all my outfits I wore this week! Individual links are under the pic!

sweater. similar dress. sneakers. purse. sunnies.
sweater. jeans. sneakers.
top. jeans. sneakers.
similar top. jeans. sandals.
sweater. jeans. sneakers. bag. sunnies.
sweater. jeans. high tops.

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