Momiform Monday 3.13


I love Mondays because I feel like you can really hit the reset button. I love feeling like a fresh slate is ahead of me. Today I’m really hitting reset and committing to working out at 5am during the week for the next 3 weeks. April is approaching SUPER QUICK and I need to get my habits anchored in place. I have 4 trips in April. FOUR. Meaning my schedule is going to be nuts. Honestly it’s going to be freaking blast and I cannnnnnnnot wait. 1. Going to FL with my husband for a long weekend. 2. Beach with my fam for spring break. 3. NYC for my daughters 10th birthday. 4. TAYLOR SWIFT! Yall. Told you it’s going to be a blast. I’m going to cry when it’s all over. 😉

Anywayssss. Thanks for holding me accountable to the 5am wake up calls and supporting me through these next few weeks. Lets goooooo.

Here are my outfits from the past week!

top. jeans. slides.
similar shacket. tshirt. leggings. high tops.
sweater. jeans. socks. sneakers.
hoodie. jeans. socks. sneakers.

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