Momiform Monday 1.17

Jokessss, because it’s actually Tuesday!

This past weekend my kids had a long weekend off, so we went to the mountains for a fun weekend away. We went snow tubing for the first time and loved it! I cannot and will not ski, but I’ll snow tube any day of the week. Could NOT a stop laughing! And all the kids loved it!

Here are my outfits from the week!

Sweater. Tee. Jeans. Sneakers. Sunglasses.
Flannel. Tee. Leggings. Sneakers.
Sweater. Top. Jeans. Sneakers. Bag. Sunglasses.
Sweater. Shirt. Leggings. Boots. Earrings.
Sweater. Jeans. Sneakers. Headband.

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