Shorts. Sweater. Sneakers. Sunnies.


I cannot believe that it has been as long as it has. I promise you I did not mean for it to be. I was feeling very overwhelmed at the beginning of summer with all my kids home and felt like it was a good idea to take a break for the summer.


I ended up taking a travel nursing contact for 13 weeks.


That was really hard on my mental health and my family and let’s just say I’m not sure I will be revisiting that route again. (Although the nurses there are absolutely wonderful and I really made great friends there!)

Anyways, just a few life updates! 1. I’m working as a full time L&D RN currently, so I may be spotty here, but being here is important to me because I truly love it and love being with you! 2. I just ordered a bunch of clothes (sorry bri) and I will be sharing them! Fall clothes are my favoriteeeeee. 3. I want to share more things about how I’m learning to manage life as a full-time working mama with 4 kids. I’ll keep you posted.

SO happy to be back!!

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