4 Outfits to Wear with a Baseball Hat

I loveeeee wearing a baseball hat. It’s super easy to grab when you’re not having your best hair day or you’re hair needs to be washed but you don’t have time. I think it’s a really great accessory that is easy to wear with lots of outfits, but I rounded up 4 of my very favorite AND I rounded up my favorite baseball hats!

When putting together an outfit with a baseball hat, just remember it REALLY makes your outfit casual. There’s no really going back once you add in a baseball hat. So when I want to wear a hat, I keep this in mind and put together a very casual outfit made up of tshirts, leggings, sneakers, etc.

The only thing you really need to pay attention to when wearing a hat is that you don’t make your outfit too busy. For example, don’t wear a patterned top and a patterned hat.

A hat is a great way to add a third piece to your casual outfit and cover up the dirty hair. PTL!

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Outfit 1: Dress+ Sneakers

You can pretty much pair ANY casual dress with a ball cap. The key with wearing this accessory is to not make your outfit too busy. This dress is a great one because it’s solid, so you can pair just about any hat with it. If the dress has a print, that’s okay, you would want to make sure your hat is more muted and without a print!

hat. dress. sneakers.

Outfit 2: T-shirt and Jeans

This is probably the easiest outfit again. I grabbed a new striped tee that I bought from Target to wear with jeans. I actually wore this exact outfit this past week. Again, just be careful with prints. I like having the different color of shirt and hat.

hat. tshirt. jeans. sneakers.

Outfit 3: Anything with Leggings

HA. Jokes. But really leggings are so easy to wear with hats because it’s such a casual outfit to begin with. You could also do bike shorts instead of leggings in the summer. I LOVE these boyfriend tops from Aerie. They are by far my favorite tops to wear with leggings because they cover the booty.

hat. jean jacket. tshirt. leggings. sneakers.

Outfit 4: Overalls

Overalls are great option to wear with a hat because it’s a super casual piece! Overalls also take up SO much of the visual aspect of the outfit, it gives you an extra splash of something to look at. I love Old Navy overalls and am planning to grab a shorts set! Super easy outfit with very little effort!

hat. overalls. top. sneakers.

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