Spring Break Essentials

It’s almost that time again! SPRING BREAK!

We actually leave for the beach on Friday and I cannot wait. I’ve rounded up some of my MUST have Spring Break Essentials for you to grab before your trip!

  1. Good Baseball Hat: Hats are ESSENTIAL for when you’re out in the sun, especially at the beach where the sunscreen doesn’t seem to stick on kids faces because they constantly wipe the water out of their eyes. These are the CUTEST hats with lots of different options. I love the smiley face one and the letter ones! You can even get yourself a matching one!
  2. Bogg Bags: These bags are amazing for moms. They’re really big and really easy to clean. I like the holes because you can stick things to it, but also all the sand comes out. It’s a splurge for a beach bag, but I highly recommend.
  3. XL beach towel: NOTHING is more annoying than a short beach towel when you’re trying to wrap kids up or create a picnic area for everyone.
  4. Collapsible wagon: THESE ARE AMAZING. I take my wagon literally everywhere in the summer. You can put all your stuff and a kid in there and wheel them out wherever you go.
  5. Sound Machine: Nothing is more of a necessity than a sound machine for your kids on a trip. It really helps keep the sound out and lull your kids to sleep in a different place.
  6. Backpack chair: You NEED this because your hands are usually full of kids and all their crap.
  7. Water bottles: Nurse Ashley here to remind you how important it is to keep your kids hydrated while out in the sun!
  8. Inflatable pool: We actually take these out on the beach for the babies to play in. Keeps them out of the sand and entertained. Highly recommend.
  9. Natives: These are my favorite sandals for the kids. Closed toed. Waterproof. Easy to clean. They usually run a little big so if you’re in between sizes, go down.
  10. Puddle Jumper: My favorite swimmy for my kids!
  11. Outdoor playpen: These are SO handy when you have babies that need to be contained and you’re outside! I didn’t find these until I had my last kid and I couldn’t believe I lived that long without. Easy to take to parks, sports games, beach, back yard, you name it!

More spring break content coming tomorrow!!

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