Easter Basket Stuffers!

Can you believe Easter is right around the corner!? With all the shortages happening, I feel like we really need to get prepared early. So let’s promise each other to finish our baskets this week. K?

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve.
Teether. Pop it. Fox. Carrots. Rabbit Jack in the Box. Swing. Pool. Bunny. Book. Girl sunglasses. Boy sunglasses. Watermelons. Wrist rattles. Blocks. Bunny stacker set.
basket. maracas. water table. garbage truck legos. binoculars. bubbles. tractors. garden tools. doll. dot markers. legos. boots. camper. pop its. sandals. animals. chalk.
rock painting. squishes. dog legos. ball puzzle. puzzle book. confidence coloring book. camera. butterfly clips. flamingo float. sunflower kit. sandals. scrunchies. bracelet kit. color by number. bubbles. boots. pop its. polly pocket. wix stix. microphone.
slam ball. bike lights. scripture cards. sandals. harry potter book. ball puzzle. lego sports car. wix stix. laser tag. terrarium. jenga. guess in 10. goggles . would you rather book. light up paddle ball. hand plane thing. swing. walkie talkie. inflatable game.

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