Great Wolf Lodge Trip

Happy Friday, friend! I hope you have had a great week.

Last weekend we spent the night at Great Wolf Lodge for our oldest kids birthdays. This is probably the 4th time we have gone. The kids always ask my parents for the night for their birthday. We always have a great time!

I have a list of pros and cons and tips for you!


  1. Waterpark: The water park is SUPER fun, especially in these cold months where you don’t get to swim. There are water slides, a wave pool, obstacle course, basketball pools, a huge tree house/play ground, and an area for kids under 3. Tons of options for all age groups.
  2. The Rooms: The rooms are really fun. They have little “den” area for the kids that have bunk beds in their own little cabin. The kids get REALLY excited about it. We have stayed in the Wolf Den Suite, which has one set of bunks and the Kids Cabin Suite that has a set of bunks and a twin bed in the cabin. Both are a great size, although the Kids Cabin Suite is HUGE. They have a small table in there, along with a large counter with fridge, microwave, and an extra sink.
  3. Magi Quest: Magi Quest is a game that is almost like a scavenger hunt all over the resort. You will need to buy a magic wand for your kids, which they can keep for future visits, but you do have to play for activation each time. Regardless, the kids LOVE it. They go on a quest and wave their wand at magic things in the resort and objects come alive. It’s pretty cool and a fun thing to do when the waterpark closes.
  4. The atmosphere: Honestly the atmosphere is almost like a big camp with a focus on kids. Everyone is running around in their bathing suits or pjs, parents included. You wake up and grab Dunkin donuts (in house) in your pjs and sit while your kids run around and play the magi quest. It just feels relaxed even with a lot of kids around.
  5. The story time at night. I don’t know why, but my kids love the show and the story time at night. It’s really sweet, but also just a fun tradition that we do together!


  1. Everything costs extra money. You will need to pay for a paw pass to get to do ANYTHING extra in the resort which is $65 a person. If you’re planning on staying for the weekend, I would just cave and get it. We have done with and without the paw pass, just depends on how much you want to do there.
  2. Checking out towels is annoying. They have a sheet of paper and write down your name and how many towels you take before you turn back in. When thousands of people need towels, the line gets long.
  3. Nothing opens until 10am, including the waterpark. This is probably the most obnoxious thing because you and I both know all these kids are waking up at 6. They end up playing magi quest in the morning until the park opens.


  1. Leave the babies at home OR bring an extra adult. You get 6 park passes per room, so you can use those or buy a day pass. There is a area for kids under 3, but when your big kids want to go to all the waterslides, you end up spending the day seperated. My husband took the bigs and I stayed with Eli.
  2. Kids need to be 42 inches ride most of the rides. There is only one slide that needs bigger. My 4 year old was able to ride most of the slides.
  3. Pack snacks or bring your own food. The food is expensive as expected. They have 2 restaurants on site, plus a few like quick order places. There aren’t a ton of options that are allergy friendly. We have gone out to dinner every time we have been there and usually order in breakfast.
  4. Bring your own puddle jumpers. They do have life jackets and puddle jumpers on site, but you have to get there first thing to grab the puddle jumpers.
  5. Bring your own towels.
  6. You can get there early and check in and go to the waterpark. Just leave the stuff in your car. AND you don’t have to leave until the water park closes your check out day, you obviously just can’t get back in your room.

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