6 Holiday Party Outfits

Tis the season for dressing up either for a holiday party, Christmas Eve service, or just for fun!

I love dressing up, but honestly rarely get to so I’m super excited to find something fun to wear to my Christmas party!

Here are some options I tried! Tell me your favorite!

Velvet Dress. Heels.

1. Black Velvet Dress: I love this dress. The seams are a little lower, giving it more of a mermaid dress feel. I’m in a medium and it fits great. This is definitely a more “form fitting” dress, but the velvet is beautiful!

Green dress. Heels.

2. Green Dress: y’all know I love this dress! It’s such a sweet one and gives you room to move. Definitely bump friendly. I’m in a medium and it fits great.

White top. Plaid skirt. Heels.

3. White top + Plaid Skirt: I actually love this outfit. I can’t tell you the last time I wore a skirt. I love the color mixing. It’s a navy/green. TTS.

Body suit. Faux leather skirt. Heels.

4. Leather Skirt: loveee this skirt! I can’t believe it’s from target. It’s really fun. I’m in a large. It fits great!

Red top. Black jeans. Heels. Headband.

5. Red top: This is a really fun red top. It’s thick enough that it’s not sheer, but it’s thin. Very flowy. Perfect for church or a party!

Sheer black top. Black jeans. Headband. Heels.

6. Sheer Top: I LOVE this top. It’s sheer on the top, except a cami. The sleeves have a dotted texture. It’s perfect for any party!

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