Momiform Monday: 4 Outfits to wear when you don’t feel like getting dressed

Hey-o! I’m over here still recovering from Covid. Ya’ll it blows. I’m thankful to be breathing and not struggling, but the whole tired feeling is the worst. It feels like I have mono. ANYWAYS, as I’m beginning to get my strength back I figured I would show some outfits that I wear when I don’t feel like getting dressed aka this week. (last week I lived in the same pjs all week long)

Outfit 1: black joggers, white tee, hat. Honestly, these are by far my favorite joggers. I own 3 pairs. They feel AMAZING and I lived in them while I was surviving covid last week. Not only do they feel like pjs, but they’re easily something you can turn into something presentable. I mean this is not work wear by any means, but running errands, yes.

Outfit 2: Leggings, Oversized Sweatshirt, chelsea boots. This is probably my most go-to outfit of my life. I will wear leggings and a sweatshirt all the days of my life if possible. I found some awesome sweatshirt options for you linked below. Adding in the chelsea boots elevates the outfit to make it more of an outfit and less of an “at home look.” My chelsea boots are sold out, but I’ve also linked a few options below! Just scroll through and click on the pic!

Outfit 3: Leggings and and Oversized Sweater with boots: Now this is also a staple outfit in my winter wardrobe. Just because these sweaters are SO SOFT and don’t feel like sweaters AT ALL. Adding flats elevates the outfit to out of the house status. You’re welcome.

Outfit 4: Jeans and a cropped sweatshirt with sneakers: Now if you feel like you need jeans to leave the house, this is a great option for you. To me, jeans make it an outfit that can leave the house, so you can really wear whatever top you want. Sweatshirts just make it comfy and cozy, which is what you want when you don’t feel like getting ready.

similar sweatshirt. jeans. sneakers. hat. dog linkable 😉

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