My Thanksgiving Tablescape

Hey-o. Weird day here so I’m loading this up late, but I hope this helps you figure out your table!

My Steps:

  1. My secret weapon to a kid friendly Thanksgiving table is large craft paper. You can get it at Home Depot or Lowes for less than $20. It’s easy to clean and just makes every table flow well. I usually have 3 or 4 tables all pushed together or close by, and I like that they all look close to the same.

2. Pick a greenery. I have used real before, but this year I went ahead and got some fake eucalyptus branches to put in the middle my table. Really any greenery will work.

3. A pop of color. I love adding in some color to my greens. I bought these fake berry branches (similar here) for some orange, but I have also used apples, oranges, and pumpkins before.

4. Small pumpkins: I love these that I got from Hobby lobby, but a small neutral pumpkin adds a different type of texture in.

5. Candle sticks: I’ve been eyeing these for years and I finally broke down and bought them! LOVE.

Thats it! I added in my plates because my son thought it looked best, so here ya go!

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