Momiform Monday: What I Wore

Happy Monday, sweet friend! It’s the start of another week! It’s going to be a great one because we end with Halloween! I’m so excited for it! We always get together with some of our closest friends for trick or treating. We cannot wait! Now begins the long wait for it to get here!

This week I’m sharing details on what I wore this week! I thought it would be fun to share where I wore these outfit and sizes. Hopefully to help give you some ideas if you are heading somewhere! or nowhere but want to get dressed!

Outfit 1: Green Dress. I wore this dress to church! I LOVE the color and the subtle print. It’s a silk material so it’s super light. The front is square necked, which I love, and smocked in the back to help fit you a little better. I feel like this is such a classic fall dress you could wear to church, date night, or a bridal or baby shower. I’m in a medium and the length is perfect. I paired it with short booties, but some heeled riding boots would look really great too! ALSO this dress is really great if you’re newly pregnant and in first or second trimesters!

Outfit 2: Burnt Orange Poncho: I wore this to a casual date night with my husband. We were planning on grabbing drinks at a local brewery and sit outside and since it’s getting chilly out, this was the perfect outfit. You literally feel like you’re wearing a blanket. It also comes in a few colors if you don’t like orange color, but I think it’s perfect for fall! Dress this up or down. It would be perfect for literally anything, especially outdoor events where it’s going to get chilly!

Outfit 3: Tan Poncho Sweater: Yall. I have literally wore this sweater 3 times this week. HA. It’s SO cozy I can’t even explain it. I am NOT a turtle neck person at all, but I guess because it’ isn’t tight on your neck I don’t mind it. I love the tan color because it makes it super versatile. Dress it up or down and it’s the perfect sweater. I wore it here just as a lounge piece because I didn’t want to get dressed. Oh did I mention it was oversized. YEP. It’s perfect. My perfect sweater. 😉

Outfit 4: Striped Oversized Sweater and Leggings: This sweater is the perfect tunic length to wear with leggings. It’s a lighter weight sweater, but it’s still keeps you warm. I wore this just around the house and to pick ups. Easy sweater to grab! I’m wearing a medium. These leggings are old from Aerie, but I’m doing a whole week on leggings next week so we will find you the perfect pair!

Outfit 5: Striped Button Up: Of course during my how to style segment, I fell in love with this top. It’s SO classic and versatile, as you can see from my hot to style post or reel. This will be a staple and classic in my closet allllll year. It’s a lighter cotton, so not super warm but it’s such a great layering piece. It’s still on sale with the code FALLFUN. I’m in a medium. I feel like I don’t talk about these jeans enough. They are really my only REAL straight pair of jeans. TTS. I like them a lot and they fit really well.

Outfit 6: Cream Speckled Cardigan: I LOVE this cardigan. I got it in my Old Navy try on haul and it’s such a good piece. This sweater fabric is a little thicker, so it definitely keeps you warmed. It’s not itchy at all. I love the brown specks in the sweater. It just gives it a little something extra. I wore this to a play date and just around the house. Super cozy. I’m in a medium.

Outfit 7: Orange Sweater and Jeans: I wore this to the kids fall parties at school. I wanted something that was casual, but still fall like. This sweater is PERFECT for this. It’s light weight, but still keeps you warm. The color is the perfect fall color and it’s from Target so the perfect fall price! I’m in a medium.

Outfit 8: Green Top with Black Jeans: I love green. It’s my favorite color! So this top is on the top of my list. I love it’s basic feel, but the peplum and balloon sleeves give it a little something extra! It’s perfect to wear to work or a girls night, which is wear I wore it! Dress it up or down. You could really wear this anywhere. It’s really thin and light weight. I’m in a medium. These black jeans are SUPER high waisted. I love that they don’t have holes in them I’m on the search for some holey ones, but I like having a pair of no holes black jeans because you can dress them up so much. TTS.

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