Loft Try On

RUN! Loft is 50% off and these pieces are GOLD!

Holy moly these pjs are SO soft. I swear Loft’s hidden gem are their pjs. I have so many different pairs! This plum color is super fun and I really love the oversized feel! The material is a waffle cotton, so really cozy!

I wore this dress to church this morning and got so many compliments! It’s the perfect green color. The fabric is satin, but it comes with a slip under! The print is really subtle, yet adds a little something extra. I LOVE the square neck line and it’s smocked in the back giving you a little extra give for your girls. PERFECT fall dress!

These jeans are really great! They are more of a spandex, jegging, jean than a structured jean so if that’s the kind you like, these are for you! They are really comfy with a good bit of stretch! LOVE the frayed edges on the bottom and I feel like they’re the perfect length. TTS!

This top might be my favorite piece. SO classic. You can really dress it up or down. I love the detailing on the top collar that just adds a little something different to the top.

Can I go ahead and say this will be my thanksgiving sweater?? HA! Love a good poncho sweater! This one is SUPER soft and comes with fun pockets on the front. The turtleneck is a little aggressive, not tight AT ALL, just big. VERY cozy!

Maybe the softest sweater I’ve ever tried on. I even pulled the tag around to check if it was Lou and Grey because it’s was so soft! This is just a really great basic sweater to have in your closet. Perfect for layering or just wearing as is AND it comes in a ton of colors!

Happy shopping!

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