Good Finds on Friday 10.8.21

Happy FRIDAY!!! It’s a long weekend for our family because my kids are on fall break. Hopefully you at least have Monday off to! Our first trip staying in our camper has been eventful. We lost the family flying squirrel, yes we have one as a pet that I am not part of. HA. But he got outside and now we can’t find him. We keep searching with no luck. Luckily a guy told my oldest, who has been SO torn up about it, that there is a flying squirrel colony on the campground, so that has given him so peace.

This week I’ve got some really good finds for you!!

  1. Hey Boo Halloween Sweatshirt: If you aren’t wanting to dress up, but be Halloween festive, this top is for PERFECT for you!! AND it’s 20% off with code TGIF.

2. Socks I wear with Sneakers: These are the best because they don’t slip at all. They have these little grippy things in the back. AMAZING.

3. My Go-To Fall Nail Polish: Essie Bed, Rock, and Roll. Such a FUN shade!!

4. My Advent Devotion: Tis that time again. Ready to keep my heart and mind focused on the real reason we celebrate Christmas! Cannot believe it’s almost here!

5. Potted Fake Plant: Raise your hand if you kill all things that survive by photosynthesis!? MEEEEEE. Holy moly. Give me all the fake plants!

Have a great weekend!!!

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