Night Time Skincare Routine

Doesn’t it feel like such an accomplishment to actually finish your skincare routine at night? I’ve learned if I do my skincare really early, I’m talking like before dinner, I have a better chance of getting it all done! HA.

Regardless of when you get it done, the kind of skincare you use can realllllllly affect your skin. I have been through many different brands and regimens to finally find what’s right for me. Thanks to the amazing Jordan Harper, I have learned what TYPE of skin I have and the right routine to use. Medical grade skin care is the reeeeeeeal deal! Take this quiz to figure out yours and what would be best for your skin. Medical grade skincare is where it’s yet. It’s expensive, I know, but SO VERY worth it.

I have dry, sensitive skin. I tend to have hormonal breakouts so here is my night time skin routine.

1. Micelluar Water

I start with this to take off my makeup. You can buy this at Target! Double cleansing at night is super important because of allllll the crap that ended up on your skin throughout the day, including your make up. The cleaner your face, the more your products will work. I also only use this as a cleanser in the morning to help with dry skin.

2. Revision Brightening Cleanser

This cleanser is amazing! It really helps brighten your skin, just like it says. Wipes away all the gross and leaves your skin clean and hydrated! I usually wash my face with my hands for 30 seconds and then pat dry.

3. Toning Pads

I These are amazing and so perfect for breakouts. I only use these at night because they’re strong, but goodness do they clean up your skin. It literally feels like they are wiping off all. the. gunk. I let it air dry before starting the next step.

4. Obagi Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a game changer in your skincare. It helps your skin appear more even and brighter skin. I promise you will see more of a difference with Vitamin C than any other product. Your skin glows. You can start with the 10% Vitamin C and work your way up depending on how sensitive your skin is.

5. Peter Thomas Roth Eye Cream

This eye cream is said to hydrate, restore, and protect the area around your eyes. I love how thick it comes out and the texture of it. It seems to hydrate my eyes well. It also hasn’t given me any irritation around my eye. So far this has been a good pick for me!!

6. Revitance

RETNOID. If you are not using a retnoid, what is the point!? This is what helps your cells turnover, bringing the nice, pretty young cells to the surface. I use this one because it’s somehow more sensitive, but a stronger retniod.

7. Clinique Moisture Surge

I seem to always come back to this moisturizer no matter what I try. It’s more of a gel like feel, but really moisturizes your skin. I will even use this in the morning if my skin feels really dry because it’s so light feeling.

Hope this is helpful! Head back here to complete your skin quiz to figure out what’s best for you!

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