New River Trip Guide

If you haven’t noticed, our family LOVES to take a trip down the New River. My kids have grown up on the river, and actually so have I. Our youth group took a trip and my best friend and I tipped a canoe. Let’s just say everyone still laughs about it. Anyways, visiting the New River is perfect for kids because it’s usually pretty calm and low. There are tons of spots to hop out and play in the rocks or see a waterfall. This is such an easy day trip!!

What to Do:

On the river you can kayak, canoe, or tube! All are pretty easy with kids. This year we tubed with the little ones or canoed with them in the middle of my husband and I. My older kids (8 and 10) kayaked. This was the first year that my 8 year old kayaked. Tubing takes significantly longer than riding in a boat. In my opinion, it’s easier to do boats than tube with kids. It’s just too long for them to be sitting and doing nothing. Tubing is more for adults to just hang out and chat.

Where to go:

There are TONS of places to rent tubes, kayaks, and canoes. These places will put you into the river and pick you up. It’s super easy. We have always rented from the New River Outfitters. The house we stay in has tubes already! But these places here come top rated: New River Tubing, High Mountain Expeditions, and Zaloo’s.

What to Take on the River:

  1. River shoes: You need something sturdy to keep on your feet that can get wet. Try these: Chacos or Water Shoes. For the kids: Keens or Water shoes.
  3. Hat- everyone needs a hat!!
  4. SNACK ON SNACKS: Honestly this is what kept the kids happy. We pack a lunch and eat o the river!
  5. Waterproof phone cases: Option 1 or Option 2
  6. Cooler- Makes sure if you’re tubing you have tube for the cooler! Kayaks have less room and you’ll need a smaller option.
  7. Bathing suits
  8. Water bottles
  9. Waterproof speaker
  10. Sunglasses straps: I actually just lost my favorite pair on sunglasses in the river this last trip. Sad day.

Final Tips:

  1. Prepare to get wet!!! There are small rapids and we all have flipped at some point. Just prepare. Do not take anything with you that you don’t want to get wet!
  2. Take it slow and enjoy your surroundings! There are waterfalls hiding!
  3. The water is usually cold, but it’s so nice on a hot summer day!

What I wore this trip:

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